Hamilton is northeast from Baltimore City, making it close enough to the city without losing its suburban feel. Hamilton residents are able to walk to their local grocery store and still experience Baltimore for all it has to offer.

Sandra Thompson, one of the managers at Harvest Fare, a grocery store, believes that Hamilton is the perfect place to make close bonds with people and live a happy life.

“I’ve lived in Hamilton for seven years and I’ve worked here for six. I love this area. It’s friendly, plenty of stores to enjoy, and I have the opportunity to walk to work every day,” Thompson said.

According to Live in Baltimore’s website, Hamilton was one of the early suburban neighborhoods in Baltimore City. At the beginning of the 20th century, the subdivision developers of Hamilton specifically marketed to the growing population of white-collared workers. Now the neighborhood is bursting with diversity as the city has evolved over time.

Hamilton’s artistic influence is just as apparent in businesses as it is on the sunflower-painted streets.

Treasurable Finds at The Diva Shop

The Diva Shop on Hamilton Avenue is a safe haven for jewelry fanatics in and out of the city. They feature handcrafted necklaces, earrings, bracelets, watches, shoes and now the latest summer fashions. It’s an accessory heaven for both women and men alike.

Dominic Pugh, a committed employee of The Diva Shop, discusses his love for Hamilton and his customers.

“The best part about my job is the customers! One woman from the Hamilton area left a detailed message on our voicemail and Facebook page about her experience in the store, and that makes us feel great as a business in the community.”

The Diva Shop offers affordable jewelry but also provides services to make alterations to jewelry you may already own.

“When you come in with a vision or idea we can work with you to create your own unique piece.  If we can’t make it, we will look for something similar and make sure every customer’s needs are fulfilled.”

The Diva Shop is Hamilton’s one-stop-shop for an array of baubles. The store will be celebrating its three-year anniversary Saturday, April 20, 2013.

Find a Friend at Los Amigos

Los Amigos, an authentic Mexican restaurant, is often filled with happy and hungry customers. Noted as one of the “Best of Baltimore” in the 2005 and “Cheap Eats” in the 2005 City Paper, Los Amigos has been attracting residents from Hamilton, Ellicott City and Towson.

Rosa Feria, an employee of Los Amigos, remarks on the business and the Hamilton neighborhood.

“Los Amigos has been in Hamilton for 12 years as a family-based restaurant,” Feria said. “It’s important for us to be hospitable and further connections with the residents of Hamilton as the neighborhood continues to improve.”

The employees work hard to create a welcoming and cool environment for all customers. Their motto is that everyone who enters is an “amigo” to them. Loyal customers come through often during the weekday, but as soon as the weekend hits residents from Baltimore are served authentic Mexican dishes with flair. Los Amigos’ top rated dishes are Mole Ranchero, Carnitas Tacos, and Beef Taco Salad.

“I’m happy to work here and contribute to such a happy environment,” Rosa says, “As long as the community will have us, we will keep serving!”

Come as a visitor, Leave as a neighbor

The close-knit community and quality stores are just some of the special features of Hamilton. Thompson’s experience working at Harvest Fare gives her the privilege of being connected to her community every day at work.

“When my neighbors come in it makes my day. You feel at ease knowing everyone who comes in and out of Harvest Fare, but if you’re new to the area we make sure to welcome you,” Thompson said.

Although her place of work adds to the Hamilton experience, it’s not Thompson’s favorite part of the neighborhood.

“My home is my favorite place in the area,” she said. “I’m happy, safe, and familiar with all of my neighbors. This is the town where everyone knows everybody and I’m so happy to be here.”


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